Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year's Resolutions!

The new year is here! This is sincerely one of my most favorite times of the year, perhaps even more so than Christmas! It's a time to drop the burdens of the past and start fresh, forgive yourself and others for what is done and gone and move forward. So here are my ten New Year's Resolutions for 2013, in no particular order:

1. Post regularly! I opened this blog for many reasons, and I shouldn't keep letting life get in the way of something I enjoy! This means, I will be continuing with all the things I've started, including the happiness project!

2. Get moved into a new apartment with Prince Right. Recently I met and moved in with Prince Right (for he is the right prince for me :D). Unfortunately, our little apartment is far too tiny for the two of us and all our hobbies, and so it is cramped and cluttered and I cannot wait to to reorganize everything into a lovely new space that I can decorate!

3. Buy more wigs. I know this sounds like a silly resolution, but I love wigs so much and it's a bit of a goal for me to have a few dozen wigs that I can wear wherever. I want to have short hair, but it's not very versatile, so when I have wigs, off comes the hair :D

4. Prettify, Lolify, Princessify, whatever you wish to call it, that is what I shall soon be doing with my life. I want to surround myself only in beautiful things and useful things. Everything else will go. Perhaps I should add simplify as well.

5. Revamp my wardrobe. I've already gotten started on this with a little shopping spree the other day. Basically, I want my normal wardrobe to be soft and romantic, or creepy cute. Everything else that does not fit lolita, fairy kei, or mori girl, is going to the goodwill.

6. Keep a diary. In my diary i will record little thoughts, lovely things in every day, and little bits and pieces in my life.

7. Get healthy! My mother put me on her family plan to go to the gym, so basically it's free to me. I have no reason not to go and make myself fit into brand! My goal weight is 160, back to my good old size twelve! That means I've got about 60lbs to lose! One step at a time!

8. Cook more! This is related to getting healthy, really. Prince Right and I have gotten lazy recently and have had a lot of takeout, or easy to cook meals. I want to fill my body with delicious, 
 nourishing foods that I took the time and love to make!

9. Take more time on myself. I want to feel beautiful, and the easiest step i can take right now is to just take my time, time to take a bubble bath, do my makeup, curl my hair or paint my nails.

10. Continue to grow in love and spirit. Prince Right is just that, and ever since he came around, my relationships with my friends have become close again, and my mother and sister and I are closer than ever, and I know that his joyful presence has helped facilitate this. 

So those are my resolutions, what are yours?
Until next time!

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