Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Elegant Ballerina in Lolita

Hello, lovelies! 

As of late, I have been absolutely smitten with the ballet! The elegance and grace of every move, both large and subtle, enchants me. The lengths to which the human body can stretch and contort amazes me. I deeply admire the hardwork and dedication required to be successful. And of course, the lolita inside me just screams, "The skirts!"
I took ballet lessons for several years as a child, but as I did with most things, and sometimes still do, I grew bored and wanted to move on to my next curiosity. Sometimes I do wish I had stuck with it, though, as it would be a wonderful hobby and and an excellent way to keep fit, even if I did not take it as a serious and professional dancer. Perhaps I shall pick back up on it, if anything to fill my extra time with something productive.
So while I likely will never realize my childhood dream of becoming a professional dancer, I may emulate her grace and beauty through any one of these dresses and accessories:

Meta's Swan Lake, one of the most famous ballets.

Juliette et Justine's ballerina inspired dress.

A simple dress by Meta. The flowy, pleated skirt would be lovely to dance in!

A lovely pair of lace-up style socks from Innocent World, just like pointe shoes!

A jsk from Innocent World with elegant embroidery fit for a ballerina, and lovely detail on an otherwise simple bodice.

A luxurious Innocent World bustier. Paired with a simple black chiffon skirt, a pair of boots and a top hat, it would be easy to emulate the Nutcracker.

A solid chiffon skirt from Innocent World looks soft and romantic.

This Innocent World jsk is lovely on its own, but could be easily vamped up by a lace bolero and lace-up ribbon shoes.

This Innocent World bustier reminds me of those of a ballerina - perfect paired with a pink or white chiffon skirt.

This Baby skirt reminds me of a tutu!

This sheer blouse would add a touch of romance and modesty to the aforementioned red velvet bustier above!

This could easily work into a more casual coord, imitating the practice wear for ballerinas.

The details of this dress scream ballet!

A rather literal print, featuring delicate ballerinas in all manner of positions.

All the tulle and lace on the skirt of this dress gives a touch of ballerina, while the more basic bodice keeps it suble.

This Angelic Pretty number is aptly named "Lacy Ballerina."

The highly sought-after Angelic Pretty print, Puppet Circus, features puppet ballerinas in a divine gold print.

This bustier is similar to the Innocent World bustier, but with more of a sweet style. It would be perfect with dozens of pink chiffon ruffles!

An obvious pick!

Another elegant print, Twinkle Carnival also has a vibe that says "ballet."

A lovely pannier for the daring!

These Angelic Pretty socks will dress up any plain pair of flats!
A basic chiffon skirt from AP.
Feeling inspired yet? The key to feeling like a dreamy ballerina in lolita is to look for layered chiffon, or tulle accents and simple bodices, possibly with corset details, or even bustier style dresses! Skirts thick with chiffon would work well with a bustier style top, or if you're really daring, make sure you keep your modesty in check and try wearing your fanciest pannier on the outside! If you wish to more literally portray the beauty of the ballerina, you could try a printed dress. And if you don't want to go all out, try a pair of simple flat shoes that lace up around your calves, or socks that are printed in such a way.

The look can be achieved with any brand, in any style!

Keep it sweet like the Sugar Plum Fairy:

Sugarplum Fairy

Channel the Black Swan:

Gothic ballet

Or try classic a la A Midsummer's Night Dream:

Classical ballet lolita

Whatever you choose, just remember to feel graceful and elegant at all times!

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