Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Current Obsession - Cutsew OP's

In lolita, jersey knit is typically reserved for tee shirts, cutsews, and parkas, not entire dresses. But lately, I've been completely in love with the lovely, casual OP's that I've been seeing while sifting through Hello Lace. They're great for someone like me who wants to feel cute and frilly every day, but needs a few comfy items in her wardrobe. Plus, many of them tend to be pretty simple, thus, in my opinion, making them easier to coordinate. 

My absolute favorite right now is this dress from Baby the Stars Shine Bright:
I think this one will be the first I try to make. It's easy enough, the only challenge I think I'll be facing will be adding the yoke. I'm going to switch it up a bit and eliminate the bows and instead add these adorable little bunny buttons I found, along with some pintucks. There was a tutorial somewhere that I read at some point...so I'll just have to find it some time soon! Think about how cute this would be coordinated with a pair of white polka dot tights, tea parties, and a matching headbow! Easy, breezy, and adorable. 
Here are a few other's I've had my eye on:

I believe the brown, sailor-style dress will come next. It's so lady like!
Until next time!

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