Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fall Lolita Wishlist

The school year has arrived, and most kids are out school shopping! While I may not be a kid who's grown out of my wardrobe and needs a whole new one, I still think the tradition of buying new clothes each fall is important. I mean, look at all the fashion magazines this time of year? Packed! Massive! Brimming to the top with all the newest and greatest! Well this fall, I'd love to expand my lolita wardrobe and get myself into the habit of wearing it more often, even to school! ^.^ 

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I'll be making myself a few cutsew dresses. I also have some other JSKs lined up in my sewing room, ready to assembled. But what I don't have is the problem...I'm missing some basics. So this fall (as soon as I get my school junk paid off) I'll be investing in a number of necessary items that will carry me through the winter. 

1. Tights and socks!

I have a few pairs of socks, and I'll be getting more basics, but my big priority is really cute tights! And some basic pairs, of course, too, because my old ones are really getting worn out!

2. Cardigans, Cutsews, and Boleros, oh my!

 Layering is key, so cardigans and boleros will help keep me warm. At the same time, I'm a big of a cardigan addict, so there's that too :)
I don't find myself making skirts that much anymore, because I don't own any cutsews. I'd like to sew myself a blouse or two, because I can't seem to find one that won't burst at the buttons off of my bust. But for wintertime, warm sweaters and turtlenecks are going to be my best friend! Plus, imagine how easy it will be to buy plain cardigans and tees offbrand, and add lovely ruffles and lace to them!

3. Bloomers!

 It's sad to say, but I don't own any actual bloomers! If I feel the need for modesty, I usually turn to a pair of my comfy pj shorts, which yes, does the job, but doesn't make me feel cute at all! So I'm going to sew myself up probably about a dozen pairs, all in fun, random colors. Maybe I'll make a pair or two with rufflebutts, or even a pair that are cuffed at the legs in a fun print to wear with fairy kei outfits!

4. Some solid footwear!
Most of the shoes I own that would fit into my sweet lolita wardrobe aren't really suitable for less-than-fair weather, and all the cold-weather shoes I own go more with my classic and mori-girl clothes, so I'm going to invest myself in a pair of adorable white boots with a sturdy, low heel!

And perhaps at some point, I'll be adding a little bit more floof to my current petticoat. I thought about just buying a new one, but I really like this one, and it's very comfy, it just needs a bit of tweaking! So I'll have to update you guys on this stuff sometime soon!

Until next time!

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